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At New Home Quality Control, we fully believe you should get what you pay for. Buying a house can be stressful. Let us ease your burden and make sure your new home is the quality you deserve.

Over 20 Years Of Experience

Working in the house building business for over 20 years working as Contracts Managers means that we have a full understanding of regulations. We use this experience and knowledge to get you the quality home you deserve.

Our full understanding of high-quality finishing and tolerances means that nothing will be overlooked in your new home. Don’t let contractors pressure you to accept subpar standards.

We are here to give you back your voice, to make sure that your home is of a high standard.

In our experience working and building houses nationwide, it’s common knowledge that once a professional snagging team has snagged a property, all items are usually instructed to be completed within 7 days and customers are prioritised.

Fully Comprehensive and Thorough Home Snaggers

We are proud to say that we look beyond the surface to provide a thorough survey of your property.

Every inch of your property is examined to make sure it’s finished to the standard you expect. The detailed snag list is supported by photographic evidence to encourage immediate action by your contractors.

In our experience of being at the top of the building trade, we have seen recurring issues that get missed and key tolerances that are overlooked. Using our snagging reports, you can stop problems before they start.

Passionate About Protecting Homeowners

We are passionate about making sure that homeowners get what they paid for. With our home inspection reports, you won’t fall into the trap of problems popping up as soon as your warranty has expired.

Our snagging list is designed to be understandable so that you know the problems identified, but also technical enough that your contractors understand what they need to fix.  

What’s included?

Our detailed snagging survey will produce a detailed report which includes:

  • Carpentry issues like doors and stairs
  • Plasterwork and paintwork
  • Plumbing and electric tests
  • Loft inspection work insulation etc
  • Garage
  • Floor and wall levels
  • Poor brickwork
  • Kitchen installation
  • Thermal imaging of radiators
  • All tolerance work
  • Cavity wall inspection / optional extra
  • Room measurements / optional extra
  • Heat loss inspection / optional extra
  • Ceiling inspections
  • Patio inspection
  • Fencing and gate inspection
  • Tiling and grouting
  • Mastic and silicone sealing

Your experienced home snaggers

Everyone at New Home Quality Control is passionate about defending home buyers. Each team member is highly experienced in the house-building industry.

We are here to get you the quality home you’re entitled to.



  • Diploma in Applied Building Thermography
  • NVQ Level 3 Domestic Energy Assessor
  • Fully Qualified Carpenter
  • RPSA Membership



  • NVQ Level 3 carpenter
  • NVQ Level 3 DEA (Domestic Energy Assessor)
  • Diploma in Applied Building Thermography
  • RPSA Membership



  • Diploma in Applied Building Thermography
  • CIOB (Chartered Institute of Building)
  • NVQ Level 3 in Domestic Energy Assessing (DEA)



  • Diploma in Applied Building Thermography
  • NVQ level 4 Residential Construction and Management
  • NVQ Level 3 Domestic Energy Assessor
  • RPSA Membership



  • BSc in Building Surveying
  • NVQ level 3 Domestic Energy Assessor
  • RPSA Membership



  • Diploma in Applied Building Thermography
  • NVQ level 5 in Construction Management
  • Domestic Energy Assessor
  • CABE & RPSA Membership



  • Diploma in Applied Building Thermography
  • NVQ level 3 DEA
  • RPSA Membership

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