What is Snagging

Snagging is a vital process that is to be undertaken once you have moved into or just before you move into your new property along with things out of tolerance that can and will cause further issues down the line. Snagging is the result of poor management and substandard workmanship. These items must be identified at the earliest possible stage to avoid complications at a later stage. This process is to identify anything or any items that aren’t how they should be.

A few examples of snags are as follows;

The list is endless and the reason every household should undertake a professional snag.

Is New home quality control the correct choice

I hear you ask yourselves “Is New Home Quality Control the correct choice for snagging professionals”?
Well having thought that here at new home quality control we can guarantee a professional snag survey with full details of snag and location along with accompanying pictures. We are a company that strives for quality and not quantity like most contract builders.

We have extensive knowledge of the trades involved within the build and will identify any snags left behind.
All our surveyors are CSCS card registered so we can be site inducted and enter your property if still awaiting completion or your move-in date.

We are big believers in you get what you pay for and with us, there isn’t a better saying. We are not a one-man band who will promise the earth and deliver next to nothing. All our surveys will have dates logged this is to ensure site management cant move the blame. Having said all this along with our testimonials we can 100% assure you that once you choose us for your snagging survey you will never look back and recommend us to all. Just remember at New Home Quality Control it’s where quality counts.

New build snagging survey

When buying a new build property it is often a very stressful time. Once your day arrives to finally get your keys and you enter your new home. Excitement takes over and once the dust settles the stress starts again trying to do your best to identify any issues and faults this process is called snagging.

When you start to find snags in your home it must feel strange as you must be thinking this is a new home and this shouldn’t be happening. Your mind tells you there must be more that you are not qualified or have the knowledge to find. This is where a fully qualified snagging professional comes in.

We inspect every inch of your new home. We can guarantee we will find this that will surprise you how poor some of the workmanship is. Poor workmanship has many impacts on a property the biggest being reoccurring issues or creating further issues. This is why its imperative that every new home buyer should enlist the services of a professional snagger to compile a detailed snag report.

All our staff has years of knowledge on how to build a house in the correct way from the ground all the way up to roof tile. They can and will identify the smallest along with the biggest items within any size property.
On average, during a typical 4hr survey we would raise on average 110-160 issues and provide a detailed report and an overview to summarise our findings.

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