Make sure your extension is up to standard

Extension and Refurb Inspections

Don’t get caught out – make sure your extension meets the quality you paid for! Our detailed extension and refurbishment snagging reports can highlight issues before they become a problem.

Extension and Refurb Inspections

Extension and Refurb Inspections

We pride ourselves on helping customers get the product they paid for. Snagging reports on renovations and extensions helps homeowners rest easy.

The comprehensive extension and refurb inspections will highlight issues and back up any claims so that your builder can’t pull the wool over your eyes.

Don’t wait until your builders are finished to discover the problems they leave behind.

Make sure your renovation is quality with our snagging report

  • Take back your power. Our snagging reports are thorough and include evidence to back up any claims. This means your builder won’t be able to make any excuses!
  • We never let anybody down. We’re flexible with delays and always willing to try to accommodate homeowners.
  • Get your report within 48 hours! You won’t have to worry about long waiting times with us. We will send you your comprehensive and photographically illustrated reports within 48 hours of onsite inspection.
  • Fully understand your snagging report. We aren’t like other snagging companies who fill their reports with jargon. You’ll be able to understand our reports so that you can understand the problems. Our reports contain technical information to back up any claims, but we won’t overuse it. 
  • UK coverage for renovation snagging. Our trained snaggers cover areas across the United Kingdom, so you don’t have to deal with your builder alone.

The most effective extension and refurb inspections in the business

Your builder won’t be able to overlook anything. With over 20 years in the property building business, we fully understand all regulations and the quality of work that your builder needs to deliver.

Don’t just take our word for it, see our home inspection customer reviews.

Thousands of homeowners rely on us every year to get the renovation they deserve. Be in control of your home with our detailed inspection reports.

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