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I feel that I have to bring this to the public eye. I recently conducted a snag report on a 3 bed property worth over £235,000. Having spent my first 3 hours of the snag working from wall plate down, collating no fewer than 145 items. Ranging from cosmetic to NHBC regulation breaches nothing prepared me for what I was about to find in the customers roof space.

Upon entering all seemed ok until we started looking closely. We started at the gable end and worked our way from left to right. Looking at the straps that are tying in the gable brickwork we noticed that they had ZERO fixings and when I say ZERO I mean none not one single fixing.

This was a huge concern for us and was going to be even worse for the customer once told. We quickly moved around the roof space checking all the straps and to our horror not one strap had a single fixing in!

The outcome from this could potentially be catastrophic either costing a lot of money to rectify if the gable was to collapse or even worse costing a life. If you take a close look at the attached pictures etc you can clearly see that the potential of this carelessness and poor workmanship could be life changing.

This particular customer has children that live at the property and regularly play at the side of the house in their garden. How can tradesman live with themselves if this poor workmanship took a life or even lives. Our customer was advised immediately and has now demanded that its rectified with immediate effect.

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